• Pediatric After Hours Clinics & Advice Services

Pediatric After Hours Clinics & Advice Services

Nurse Advice Line

Our advice nurses are available to you after-hours, 7 days a week.

Advice Nurse Line

Hours: Monday - Sunday: 5 pm -7 am; Weekends & Holidays, 24 Hours
San Francisco Clinic: (415) 387-9293
Dignity GoHealth: (510) 486-8344

If you have a medical concern or need a question answered after your regular pediatrician’s office is closed, call our free Advice-Nurse Line. An experienced pediatric nurse will assess your situation and give you precise advice for receiving care.

If you need immediate attention, you may be told to go to the closest emergency room or an urgent care center depending on the severity of the problem. You may also be given appropriate home remedies or first aid advice.

Your primary care physician will receive information about your call or clinic visit and will direct any follow-up care for your child.

Next time you need advice, call our Nurse Advice. We are here to help!

If you think a situation is life-threatening, call 911 or your local emergency service immediately. Our Advice Nurse Line is not a resource for medical emergencies.